Core Shorts

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Core Shorts gir maksimal støtte til nedre del av rygg, bekken, hofter og lysken mens man opprettholder full kontroll over bevegelsene.
Core shorts 3.0:
– Patented «X» Core Activation System featuring a longitudinal stretch with 1.2 mm engineered stretch fabric that produces 80% more directional & functional stability than a regular compression short – complete dynamic stability!
– Medical compression rating 28.8 – 34.4 mmHg (Independent testing by Progressive Sports Technologies).
– Recommended for those who require a complete functional dynamic support system.
– Recommended by Physicians and Therapists for the prevention and recovery of pelvic, hip and groin injuries; sports, workplace, car accidents, degenerative changes.
– Used by athletes in all professional sports: hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, cricket, cross fit, hip replacement stability, manual labor jobs.
– Sacro-iliac, pelvic and hip stabilization.
– Groin – Quadriceps – Hamstring support.
– Beneficial support for all sports that require quick movements, physically demanding work/activities and those who need extra support due to decreased muscle strength and poor stability.
– Latex Free, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Quick Dry Wicking Material.
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