Blademaster pla5vsv 3 station platinum slipemaskin

kr 549,000.00

Blademaster slipemaskin

Ikke på lager, men kan restbestilles


Largest work surface in the industry (available in granite, steel, or Teflon-coated). Dual variable speed finishing heads ensure optimal cutting action and a perfect finish on the blade.
New 5th generation exhaust system includes a redesigned impeller and industry-unique valves that automatically direct airflow to the active heads. As a result, suction is dramatically improved and noise levels have been cut in half compared to what was already the quietest system on the market.
New high-capacity grit bucket and cartridge filter design virtually eliminates the possibility for installation errors and simplifies routine maintenance. Light fixtures shifted towards the front of the hood and Lexan windows in the top help illuminate the sharpening operation.
Cabinet includes additional shelving for storage of accessories and commonly used tools. Rear access panels in the hood and dual sweep trays are standard. Also includes built-in cross grind dresser, low profile casters, scratch resistant lexan™ shield, service filter indicator light, keyed lockout, safety glasses, Blademaster banner, sweep tray & vacuum hose. Accepts the Mark 6 or Mark 5 Custom Radius System. Custom colour and decals can be applied at request for additional cost.
220V, 20A, single phase, 4-wire supply (2 x 110V line, 1 common line, 1 ground line)

H-54”, W- 30.5”, L- 65” (With dual sweep trays 71”). Weight 1,110 lbs.

2-4 ukers leveringstid, varen er på lager hos leverandør